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The domain for all that is unrelated to chickens.

If this is your first time here, I welcome you! If you've been here before and decided to come back, I pity you!

At this point in time there is very little interesting to see. Some may say that, when there is finally some content on this page, there'll still be very little interesting to see. As I now have some space to play with on the server, I shall have a modest amount of eye-candy to make the page a bit more interesting to look at. Nothing too over the top or garish, just something a bit spiffier than standard text. I still shall go by the rule of no Java, no Flash, and nothing that requires a plug in. I guess this means that I'd have to repossess my scanner, bugger!

As things progress, I shall put more links below. Don't hold your breath, things may take a while before I decide to create more stuff for you to feast your little eyes upon.

Personal Stuff

This section is for people that know me, want to know me, or would rather not know me. No real general interest topics or data to be found here, just me.

Emil Sarlija's Home Page
This part is purely for shameless self promotion. I started this page before there was MySpace or Facebook to give the few people that found me interesting some insight to my inner workings. It ain't pretty. This page could serve the additional purpose of giving my employers regret in having hired me after entering my name in Google.

Computer Stuff

This section is proof of the freedom gained by being single and having no children. Yep, I play with old computers. It also begs one to ask the question whether the lack of sex caused me to become obsessed with old computers, or the computers themselves are the reason for the lack of sex. There is a certain level of satisfaction in flipping switches, burning EPROMS, soldering, wire-wrapping, assembly language programming, and TTL. Plus you can't watch a dirty mpeg using a Z80, so there's one less distraction.

Emil Sarlija's Computers
These are my subtitute for children. Some people have cats.

Data General Minicomputers
These are my biggest children of all. They stand tall, are bloody heavy, suck a fair amount of electricity, and are considerably less powerful than your microwave oven. Mind you, can your microwave oven run a multi-user operating system?

Music Stuff

ETI 4600 Synthesiser
I began restoring this after returning from Scotland at the end of 2007. It is now on loan to a friend since building up a DotCom/STG modular.

Shirley Collins
Oh dearest Shirley, how I love your songs!

I can't finish without thanking my friend Toby Thain without whom this page wouldn't exist.

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