[Really bad picture of the ETI 4600 synth]

I am the proud owner of an ETI 4600 modular synthesiser. When I got it, it wasn't fully working. As I restore it, several articles found on the net and in my collection of old magazines have been very useful. This page exists as a way for me to share all the information I have in my posession. Some are duplicates of what is already out there while others I have scanned. If I perform any modifications, they'll be put here as well.

The files and documents below are copyright by their respective authors or publishers. They are presented here for free to assist those fixing, modifying, or building their ETI synths. I am making no money from this. The community gave and I'm giving back. If any authors or copyright holders object to their work being published here, feel free to contact me and I shall gladly remove it from my site. This information is also provided without warranty and I shall not be held accountable for any damages. If you know what you're doing, you should be fine!

With all the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, here is the fun stuff:


ETI 4600 Schematics and Build Instructions - 6M PDF
4600 Keyboard Mod Article - 3M PDF
ETI 603 Sequencer Article - 2.6M PDF
300dpi 603 Sequencer front panel art - 128k PNG

Last updated: 18 December 2007

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