Well, I'm a fukken wog and I come from the west
You'd think the way I rhyme that I'd know what's best
Well you're fukken wrong 'cause I don't know shit
I'll continue spouting garbage and I just won't quit

The chromers are a-huffing showing no remorse
The moccos and the trackies are out in full force
An alco's in the lane-way quietly taking a piss
What's the fukken point of me telling you this?

I'm not a pimp, or gangsta, or hustler or freak
I'm a psychotropic, electronic, UNIX geek
I love the PowerPC, my shell is bash
Too much pollen breaks me out in a rash

I like the BSDs and my GUI uses X
I network my SPARCs 'cause it's easier than sex
My OS is solid, my software is free
I built my system with GCC

Just when you thought I finished, I continue to bore
My Nova fucks reception when it writes to the core
But if you think I'm boring, just you wait and see
Here's a 40 minute piece by ELP

I'm a sik mutha-fukka, I'll tie you down no less
Then play a triple live LP recorded by Yes
You'll scream in pain, your blood curdling yells
Will be drowned out when I crank the decibels

Braggin' 'bout your Athlons and your Pentium 3
Fuck that shit, I want a PDP
You and yor gigahertz can go to hell
I want my box built from TTL

Now I'm gonna stop with the computer talk
You all probably think I'm a real fukken dork
Well fuck you all if I'm boring you sick
All you fukken bitches can suck my dick!

When you see me in the street you better watch what you say
There once was a time my parents thought I was gay
What's that got to do with it? I just keep on crappin'
It had to rhyme so I could continue rappin'

You'll be happy to hear this is the final verse
I had to put an end to it before it got worse
So "word" to my homies, life keeps going on
I'm going to my room to download some porn...