Things are going slowly, my patience winding down
I'm trying to be happy but I can only frown
The world is full of bastards with me the biggest one
Armageddon's coming so someting must be done

Throw your telly through a wall
Find a bridge and take a fall
When there is no fun at all
Completely lose your mind

Take fifty different kinds of drugs
Pick a fight with violent thugs
Skin yourself to make some rugs
Completely lose your mind

Why even bother trying? Nobody gives a hoot!
The wealthy multinationals continue to pollute
If I were to protest it still won't go away
But I won't sit and take it, I'll go insane today

Go and set a church on fire
Garrotte yourself with razor wire
Sawn-off shotgun? I'm your buyer!
Completely lose your mind

Go lick up a petrol spill
Eat the shiny mystery pill
Spend your life in Centerville
Completely lose your mind