Here are some of my drawings and stuff. I don't draw as much as I used to. These days most of my 'creative energy', if you could call it that, goes into making music. I feel more inspired to pick up the guitar rather than a pencil. So, yeah, here we go.

Do Not Mix And Taste Chemicals was drawn when I was 14 as a safety poster in my Year 9 science class. My science teacher refused to hang it up with a the other students' work but he showed it to all the other teachers, who were rather amused by it.

Why Are People Staring..? was drawn when I was 16. I found a small picture I drew several years earlier and I just had to revise and improve upon it. The Uncle Scam poster was taken from a Dead Kennedys lyric sheet. I seem to have a habit of including girls I like in my drawings, as is shown in the bottom left hand corner. There are further examples of this in other drawings.

Tales Of Chunder was done as a final assesment piece for Year 11 Studio Art. My teacher didn't like it but, then again, she wasn't fond of most things I drew. She liked my technique but not the subject matter. Anyhow, this was influenced by cheesy 1950's horror comics such as 'Tales From The Crypt', 'The Haunt Of Fear', and 'The Vault Of Horror'. I used to read a lot of these in my early to mid teens although I haven't touched them in years.

TV Eye was influenced by listening to too many Stooges LP's.

Frank is a portrait of Frank Zappa, whom I idolise.

The Crack was one of three etchings I did for my final year in high school. We had to choose a medium and most people chose paint. I chose etching, not to be different but so I could say "Come in to my room so I can show you my etchings" and see the look of relief on their faces when I pull out some pictures. Funnily enough I've never had the opportunity to say that but, none the less, I think this is my best piece of work.

Om TV was drawn a few days before I turned 18. I had just completed my high school and studied surrealism for the year. Dali was my idol. So were Tex Avery and Robert Crumb. I don't know what influenced this drawing, but it wasn't drugs. There is no hidden meaning or mysticism here. Go ahead and search but you'll find nothing.

Soggy Applecore was drawn the day after my 18th birthday while in a positively stupid state of mind.

Tee-Hee was drawn exactly a week later. Take note of the giggling self portrait in the middle. Fucken hell, what was I on?!

Untitled Bits is a few little doodles I did around the same period.

Mickey On Acid was not drawn while on acid.

I Sing The Body Neurotic is a mock album cover for my band, at the time, Gerbil Abuse. It is a piss-take of "I Sing The Body Electric", which was the second album by the jazz band, Weather Report. For anyone who is interested, listen to side two of the album for some really excellent playing.

Fuck Shit Up is another example of my love for cartoons from the 1940's. I love how cartoons from that era were ridiculously chaotic and violent, especially the MGM cartoons by Tex Avery. Those characters must've been downing amphetamines by the mouthful. "Screwball Squirrel" is an utter gem. By the way, for those who havent noticed, it's not a light bulb but a vacume tube.

Jo is a portrait of a girl who I was nuts about when I was 18.

Mr. Fucken Miserable still amuses me.

Happy Thoughts was drawn in a cafe while quaffing multiple cappucinos. I was wired to the point where my hands were shaking. Too many too quick. The drawing represents my souces of joy which includes my best friend, my iMac, my guitar, art, music, coffee, electronics, etc. It was given to my girlfriend at the time, who is depicted in the top right-hand corner.