Quite a few people have been responsible for helping me in several ways and have played a major part in this adventure I'm having.

A big thanks goes out to Toby Thain, again, the man responsible for bringing the first Nova 3 system to my attention. His help has been very valuable and ever so greatly appreciated. I owe this geezer a lot! His brother, Finn, also has my gratitude.

Once again, Carl Friend deserves a major thanks for his encouragement and help. He also was the person that suggested that I document the first Nova 3's restoration on the web. Although he lives on the opposite side of the world from me, he was still able to give his assistance. Thanks Carl!

Bruce Ray deserves my gratititude as well. His feedback and encouragement was a constant source of information and joy. A shining beacon of Nova light in a world full of PDPs.

I should also thank Ed Parsons without whom I wouldn't have gotten my first Nova 3. Understandably reluctant to sell it in the first place, I'm proud to be able to give it the love and attention it needs. She will live and breathe in your honour, Ed.

Also, thanks to John Theodoridis for having the foresight to store a Nova 3 and Eclipse S/130 for 10 years in his garage after his uncle, who originally saved them from the scrap heap, could no longer keep them. Unfortunately John, like his uncle before him, was forced to part with them as well. It became my duty to save them.

Chris Toronyi deserves a mention for driving the van and helping me move the second Nova 3 and Eclipse S/130. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been able to get them to my house.

Petri had enough trust in me to lend me his van for the day, which Chris drove. I am extremely grateful!

I can't forget to thank my ex-girlfriend, Holly Sellers, for being tolerant of my weird hobby and motivating me in finding a way of obtaining the second Nova 3 and Eclipse S/130. She was there to witness my original Nova 3 print its first string of text to the terminal.