Gibson Flying V - Ebony

[Picture of the Gibson Flying V - Ebony]

There comes a time in the life of most guitarists where they desire an instrument that is rather decadent and silly. Upon removing this from its box at work, I decided that I had to have it. It's just so cock-rock that I couldn't resist!

Compared to my Les Paul, it's relatively light weight - surprisingly so. The stock pick-ups were a 496R in the neck and a 500T in the bridge. They had a rather high output due to them having ceramic magnets and have since been replaced by a 57 Classic in the neck and a 57 Classic Plus in the bridge. It now has a smoother, deeper sound than before and is absolutely gorgeous when overdriven.

With the amount of Gibsons I own, they should endorse me. Who cares if I'm not famous, they're making me poor! :-)

Here are more photographs:

An old picture with the original pick-ups
The back of the reissue pick-ups in the pick guard