Gibson SG 1961 Reissue

[Picture of the Gibson SG 1961 Reissue]

As a huge Black Sabbath fan, it's not surprising that I've always lusted after an SG. It probably won't shock those that know me that I've finally got one. In my opinion, the 1961 reissue is far superior to the Standard in that it comes with 57 Classic pick-ups and has easier access to the higher frets. I also prefer the look of the smaller pick guard. The humbuckers have been replaced with Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups which are basically P-90's and give the guitar a bitier sound.

Compared to my other Gibson guitars, it is considerably lighter. Visually, it's also very attractive. It comes in a cherry red finish, its slim neck has a bound rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays, and it also has a pretty crown inlay on the headstock. How does it sound? Beautiful! The tone is full and rich, yet bitey and really rocks when overdiven. But, then again, don't all my Gibsons do that?

Here are more photographs:

Close-up of the headstock
The SG with humbuckers
The SG with humbuckers in its pink lined case