Gibson EB-3L Bass

[Picture of the Gibson EB-3L Bass]

If I were own just one bass, it would be one of these. Now I do! The EB-3L is the long scale version of the EB-3 and was available from 1969 to 1972.

The serial number is 954437 and has been dated as being from 1969. It has the unique "slotted" headstock, similar to a classical guitar, and the Gibson logo is raised above the surface. It features a mini-humbucker in the bridge and a fig fat sidewinder humbucker in the neck position. The 4-position switch selects either pick-up, both together, or the neck pick-up through a passive low pass filter. Like a lot of Gibson basses, the sound is very deep and fat.

Here are more photographs:

Close-up of the slotted headstock
Another headstock close-up
Close-up of the bridge
Close-up of the controls