Novation Bass Station

[Picture of the Novation Bass Station]

Welly welly well, what have we here?

Admittedly, it's a rather basic monophonic synth that consists of a pair of oscillators, an LFO, a low pass filter, and a pair of envelope generators. The case is made out of plastic and feels rather flimsy. It's almost toy like in its construction. It doesn't even have a noise source.

"Yeah?" you ask. "If it's so basic and cheap, why do you have it?"

For one thing, it can potentially destroy speakers. I read somewhere, possibly on a forum, that the Novation Bass Station lacks bottom end. If that were the case, why would it be called a BASS Station? I think this person never owned one or is deaf. To demonstrate how much bass it lacks, set the keyboard to the lowest octave, turn the filter resonance up to about 7 or 8, hit the lowest note and then lower the cutoff until you hear a deep muffled rumble. Turn up the volume a bit and things will rattle. Crank it up and the room will vibrate. Now modulate the filter cutoff with a sawtooth of several cycles per second.


The keyboard can be set to play from a gut rumbling brown note up to a dog whistle. It can be used as an instrument of "FUCK YOU!" should you be faced with an audience full of arseholes, or to destroy the venue's front of house PA system. You will reign supreme and feel like a god until the bouncers kick the living shit out of you.

...or you can use it to make techno as it was originally intended. I'd rather not.

For what it is, it's a bloody good synth and not just limited to bass as its name would imply. Apparently Chris Huggett had some involvement in the design. You know, the guy that designed the EDP Wasp? That cheap looking plastic British synth that fetches a pretty penny now but was probably mocked as a toy in the late 70's?

Ummm, yeah, looks ain't everything. Fuggit, I like it.