Non-Linear Systems Kaypro II

[Really bad picture of the Non-Linear Systems Kaypro II]


MANUFACTURER  Non-Linear Systems
MODEL  Kaypro II
RAM  64k
ROM  8k

It's not like I really needed another computer but I sometimes get weird ideas. I was playing with CP/M again using the simh emulator and I missed my Cromemco Z-1. Unfortunately the Z-1 is rather large and cumbersome and takes a long time to set up and pack away. The DT-III portable XT clone, on the other hand, takes minutes and takes up little space when packed up. Wouldn't it be nice to have a CP/M machine like that?

Amazing how I justify these things to myself.

I had once owned an Osborne 1 but the tiny 5-inch display was a bit sucky. I watched several videos on the Kaypro portable computers and decided that was what I wanted. I saw a Kaypro II in good condition for sale for a decent price so I got it.

The first thing I did when I got it was power it up on my 110V stepdown transformer to check it was okay. Once that checked out fine, I opened it up and jumpered the power supply to operate at 240V. I powered it up again after replacing the power plug and all was sweet. I popped in the boot disk I prepared earlier and was greeted with the A> prompt from CP/M. The B drive had issues but came good after lubricating the rails the head slides upon.

As I'm a chronic tinkerer, I couldn't leave the machine the way I received it. I had read tales of speed upgrades so I had to investigate further. I downloaded back issues of Micro Cornucopia and found all the information I required. I performed the following modifications:

What I now effectively have is Kaypro IV with a faster CPU. It's quite a different beast to what it was when I got it.